Breaking news!

We are cheerfully working towards our next cohort and delivery date, commencing September 17, 2015.

We have just made our registration page go LIVE! We are now accepting online registration for the September 17th cohort. Please click on the ‘Registration’ link above right, then on the big, red, ShelterGuides course button.

If you would prefer to pay by a different method, please contact us through the contact page, and we’d be delighted to work something out with you.

What is ShelterGuides?

ShelterGuides is a community organization that values safe and respectful care for people with disabilities.  We exist to offer accessible training and support for new and current care providers in Home Share and Respite Care.


What does ShelterGuides offer?

An exciting, interactive 14-week program designed to equip you with a solid foundation that will prepare you for employment as a Home Share and Respite Care Provider.  Our innovative approach to training features learning through storytelling about real life scenarios, and includes current information on respectful, person-centred support for individuals with disabilities (and others with special care needs) in home and community settings.  The ShelterGuides website will also provide a hub for community connecting through an active forum and a resource database (currently under construction)

Who should take this course?

People who want to build or expand their skilfulness as care providers, and want to enhance their philosophy of care.  This course is for those just starting their career, as well as for experienced support workers and care providers seeking professional development.

What do shoes have to do with ShelterGuides?

The shoes characterize our storytellers, individuals of all ages and stages, with diverse abilities.  Our Storytellers and their families will guide our course content through stories describing the complex realities of Home Share and Respite Care.  AND the shoes represent the many roles you will wear as a Home Share and Respite Care Provider – walking respectfully beside individuals you support, wearing comfortable shoes that fit.