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The Mandt System® Training workshops are based on the philosophy that all people have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, the right to personal identity, and the right to the least restrictive and most appropriate environment. We believe that all individuals should be seen as people first. Therefore, we believe that relationships should be based on principles in which people are allowed to participate in decisions about their lives.

We recognize and consider people’s behavior, even negative behavior, as a form of communication. Our approach to relationships with people requires that we proactively meet the needs of others striving to improve relationships by learning to avoid repeating mistakes.

The Mandt System® program presents an education and training system of gradual and graded alternatives for de-escalating and supporting people, using a combination of interpersonal communication skills and physical interaction techniques designed to reduce injury to all the participants in an encounter.

The entire philosophy of the programs and services provided by The Mandt System, Inc. is based on “Putting People First” and on “Supporting People, Not Just Their Behaviors™”.

ShelterGuides offers a One Day Mandt Relational Training Workshop covering relationship development through dignity and respect. This workshop discusses Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, with the understanding that unmet needs lead to changes in behaviour. It introduces the Crisis Cycle and how to recognize where someone (including self) is on the Crisis Cycle and what actions to take at the different points on the cycle to achieve de-escalation. It will also introduce a method for recognizing and assessing what is happening in the environment.

The Relational Training is the most important aspect that Mandt teaches as the emphasis is on building trusted relationships, where an individual will feel safe and be treated with dignity and respect. Through the trusted relationship, the support worker will learn to recognize when something has changed for the individual receiving support, so that they may be able to prevent escalation and/or de-escalate before crisis is reached.

Mandt System Inc. designed the Relational Chapters for you if you interact on a daily basis with people who, for the most part, are cooperative. We feel that the Relational Chapters provide an adequate level of interpersonal interaction skills for use in most of these situations.

The most important part of any crisis interaction training is having the proper attitude and philosophy. Therefore, we stress the importance of de-escalating and interacting with people – not controlling them. If you can manage and control yourself, you can better interact with other people.

The first 3 Relational Chapters, review what it takes to build healthy relationships in the workplace. These three chapters are the most important ones we teach!

ShelterGuides also offers a Two Day Relational, Conceptual and Technical (RCT) Training Workshop, consisting of the one day Relational Training Workshop above. Day two covers Medical Risks of Restraints, followed by Physical Supports, Gaining a Release and Restraint Holds. Understand how to use the least amount of interaction needed for safety. The focus will be on stance and balance, body mechanics, and how to keep dignity and respect as our grounded philosophy with the intent to keep the trusted relationship intact.



Robin Strickland

Corridor Community Options Society

“We’ve used it (The Mandt System) for a long time and it’s the best system we’ve ever used. It’s the only system we’ve used that truly teaches treating people with dignity and respect in all situations.”


Darlene Jewra

Vancouver Resource Society

“I have been a proud instructor of CPI for many years. The staff have always loved the course and embraced the material. I have taught it with confidence, always loving and challenging staff attending. Learning the Mandt material has literally shaken my foundation. This needing to shake the foundation of the staff, whom I have taught, and trust me. Mind-blowing techniques of Mandt such as, quick touch, hold not grab, going in close for safety and balance, the relax (is brilliant) the ‘excuse the touch’. These and many more things I have learned in this one week course is mind bending and awesome! The benefits to staff, clients, witnesses, etc. is priceless. I wish I could let all agencies and school districts know how much they are missing, how psychologically supportive intervention can be, and how non-threatening, physically safe, and respectful crisis support can be.”


David Lyon

Avenue to Independence LLC

“I’m highly interested in becoming an instructor for my agency. I worked for the county board for 13 years from 1996 to 2009 and received training when the board began using your certification. I received training in both conceptual and physical as well as advanced. The system by far is above any other training of its type and I have seen others and their concepts which does not protect either parties in a crisis situation.”


Jeff Baker

 ER, Charge Nurse, Mercy Health System

“I have been a charge nurse in the Emergency Room at Mercy for 18 years on the evening shift. Been training MANDT for 8 years. The benefits we see in the emergency room is that we now have a systematic approach when interacting with the mental ill and in dealing with families in a crisis. Prior to using MANDT a lot of the staff used “whatever means necessary” to control the person and not deal with the behaviors. The first time I was certified in MANDT and applied the concepts I learned, I found that I don’t need to use physical force at all. It has been years since I have had to put someone in restraints. I can safely tell you that we have reduced our patients in restraints by 60 -75%.” 


Sue Clark will be your Certified Mandt System Trainer                      

Certified Mandt System Trainer

Sue Clark

Sue brings 13 years experience as a Community Support Worker, 2 years experience as an Education Assistant in the school system, and is co-author and collaborator of the 14 week ShelterGuides Home Share and Respite Care course.

The Mandt System® truly puts all people first by building healthy workplace relationships in which:

  • Your service users will be safer
  • Your staff will be safer
  • Your work will meet or exceed your industry standards for safety

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